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Top 10 things to do in Oakland CA

Top 10 things to do in Oakland CA

Oakland is a dynamic, diversified city with a thriving cultural scene and distinctive characteristics, which sometimes get overshadowed by the presence of San Francisco neighboring across the bay. It is a perfect spot for family-friendly getaways.

Here are the top 10 things to do in Oakland CA that bring a combination of art, culture, and history, and are sure to keep you hooked on the beauty and serenity

Oakland Museum of California

If you're a fan of exploring cultures and history then you must visit the Museum of Oakland showcasing the cultural heritage and historical treasures subjecting to arts, history, and natural sciences.

Furthermore, the location reflects the ancient times of the Oakland community, exhibiting displays that cover everything whether it's political action or significant social justice movements.

Visit the Redwood Regional Park

One of the best places to go in Oakland is to visit the serene Redwood Regional Park, which is known for its unique woods. Lines by well-preserved redwood trees which range about 150 ft high. You can enjoy a nice stroll while chilling at one of the Oakland sightseeing spots here.

An Old Paramount Theater

One of the top things to do in Oakland is to visit the Old Paramount Theater which was constructed nearly a century ago. It was formerly the biggest theatre on the West Coast and well-known throughout the state of California. Even after its glory days are long gone, it's still in fact lovely and worth a look.

Stroll Through the Downtown Oakland

If you're looking for a more vibrant city experience, Downtown Oakland is a must-visit. It is a great escape from the bustling life, you can chill around and enjoy Oakland sightseeing at Morcom Rose Garden to witness numerous roses blooming to add colors to your life and take a beer stop heading through the 8th street towards the Trappist to enjoy flavorful selection of wines and beers.

Don't forget to visit the Italian mansion of Pardee's home.

Mountain View Cemetery

When talking about Oakland sightseeing, one cannot forget to count on the Mountain View Cemetery a place with breathtakingly beautiful views, taking you to the imaginary world full of beauty all around. Soak in the serenity while the sun settles down, overlooking the city while offering stunning panoramic views to remember.

Don't forget to locate the final resting places of notable figures, where you may find Charles Rocker, architect Julia Morgan, and rapper Mac Dre.

Chabot Space and Science Center

Do you need a fix of science? Then Chabot Space and Science Center is your go-to spot. It is a revolutionary museum, that focuses on space travel, the interaction of the solar system and the universe as a whole. The planetarium is a feature that stands out and offers an incredibly amazing method to stargaze while staying cozy in the theatre. In addition to the planetarium, it also has numerous observatories offering a guided tour throughout, which allows you to spend a few hours exploring the fun things as it is one of the top Oakland tourist attractions.

After exploration, pay a visit to Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon which has become a famous landmark in Oakland, all thanks to the writer Jack London, constructed in the 1800s, it is a must-visit place to be.

Lake Merrit

To soak in the beautiful lakefront views you must visit this stunning Lake Merrit. It is Oakland's oldest wildlife refuge, along with being a serene place to wander around, its shore allows lots of things to do in Oakland. There are many gardens that you may find around the lake which you can explore, go on at your own pace, and stroll through the beauty it has to offer from an edible community garden, a succulent garden, a Japanese garden to a bonsai garden.

Moreover, if you're looking for a calm place to enjoy bird watching then Lake Merritt has got you covered, nearby Lake Merrit has developed into a sanctuary for more than a hundred species. After spending a calm evening by the lake, you must visit a Walt Disneyland-inspired Children's Fairyland, located in the heart of the shore offering lots of family-friendly rides, playgrounds, and storybooks set up at this vintage amusement park.

African American Museum

It is a fantastic destination for anyone who enjoys the trip to museums, visiting the African American Museum is one of the best things to do in Oakland CA. Taking you to a historical tour devoted to cultural, and historical changes and lifestyles of African Americans who settled in the area. You may find more than 12,000 volumes of books, papers, and other materials that describe the rich culture and history of African Americans and stop by the Hopscotch for their scrumptious pork shoulder ragu and flavorful drinks.

Oakland California Temple


The Oakland California Temple is the state’s 2nd temple. It is breathtakingly beautiful to behold, even if you choose not to enter inside, you can stroll around as the Chabot Space and Science Center offers some stunning views of the temple and San Francisco Bay. In addition, you can also visit the Grand Lake Farmer's Market as it is one of the greatest Oakland farmers' markets.

The Swan's Market

The Swan's market is also known as Oakland Public Market, a foodie paradise where regional vendors present their wide range of products, which is a whole foodie lover delight, with everything from foreign cuisines to handmade cheeses.

Don't forget to savor a light dinner, pick some fresh veggies, or just take in the vibrant atmosphere.

To sum up, Oakland is a city full of adventures just waiting to be explored, offering a dynamic and genuine urban experience whether you're taking in the outdoor ambiance just exploring the thriving cultures, or maybe indulging in a variety of culinary options, it covers it all.

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